The time has come for the next generation
of building and facility management
Environmental monitoring
“The biggest strength of HuxConnect is that I can give the subcontractors evidence that a particular area is not working.”

Rob Nosko Facility manager, Legacy Melbourne

The HuxConnect System

A complete environmental monitoring package


Sensor Hardware

Motes & gateways

Hux uses custom hardware to measure a suite of indoor environmental metrics. Our system effortlessly self-configures, and runs completely independent of the buildingś IT infrastructure.



Data storage & analytics

Our servers are built on the industry-leading Amazon Web Services cloud technology, allowing us to provide unparalleled data-security. Endlessly extensible server resources means that no job is too big, and no data ever lost.


Portal Website

Your window to solutions

The HuxConnect portal is a true innovation in the building management field, with real-time data, automated report generation, and sophisticated analytics gives you insights youve never had before.

What does Hux measure?

Ambient conditions

Environmental sensor
Radiant heat
Lux (light)
Human Activity

Indoor air quality

Environmental sensor
Carbon dioxide
Coming soon
  • Particulate
  • Ozone

Hux is trusted by

NSW Department of transport
Brookfield GIS
Bayside City Council
Sustainability Victoria
University of Melbourne
University of Melbourne
Victorian Department of Human Services
City of Melbourne
Westpac Group
Victorian Department of Education
GHD Engineering
Suncorp Banking Group
Facility Management Australia

HuxConnect delivers the
Next Generation
of Automated Fault Detection