The time has come for the next generation
of building and facility management
Environmental monitoring
“The biggest strength of HuxConnect is that I can give the subcontractors evidence that a particular area is not working.”

Rob Nosko Facility manager, Legacy Melbourne

Who is HuxConnect for?
Facility Managers >>

  • Understand and fix complex problems.
  • Get the insights you need to improve underperforming buildings.
  • Investigate cost/benefit prior to expensive plant purchasing.
  • Assess the effectiveness of subcontractor engagement.
  • Understand tenant and stakeholder complaints with real data.
  • View the health of your buildings, remotely and in real time.
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Human Resource Professionals >>

  • Explore unexplained and disproportionate absenteeism.
  • Improve worker productivity through comfort assessments (the research speaks for itself).
  • Help troubleshoot workspace layout for optimum productivity.
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Building Owners >>

  • Improve building efficiency.
  • Accurately review conditions before a capital works purchase, understand the cost benefit analysis of efficiency modifications.
  • Diagnose and solve issues for upcoming Nabers reviews.
  • Attract better tenants by imporving your building's accreditation.
  • Understand and resolve tenant complaints with real data.
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Architects and Construction Project Managers >>

  • Understand real-time thermal building properties as part of site investigation.
  • Undertake pre and post renovation insights into improvements.
  • Provide accurate feedback to clients showing real data in a post project review.
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Educators >>

  • Collect real time environmental data for interpretation by students.
  • Use large data sets with that have context.
  • Show live examples of the effect of thermal mass, insulation, perceived comfort and Ventilation
  • Implement a student directed program for improving facility management.
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What does Hux measure?

Ambient conditions

Environmental sensor
Radiant heat
Lux (light)
Human Activity

Indoor air quality

Environmental sensor
Carbon dioxide
Coming soon
  • Particulate
  • Ozone

Hux is trusted by

NSW Department of transport
Brookfield GIS
Bayside City Council
Sustainability Victoria
University of Melbourne
University of Melbourne
Victorian Department of Human Services
City of Melbourne
Westpac Group
Victorian Department of Education
GHD Engineering
Suncorp Banking Group
Facility Management Australia

HuxConnect delivers the
Next Generation
of Automated Fault Detection