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Westpac Leichardt

70 Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW

Westpac had a site that had elevated energy consumption patterns, but was having difficulty understanding what the next steps should be for opportunities for energy savings.

They had anecdotal evidence of lights and services being operated out-of-hours, but had difficulties quanifying the cost effectively.

Hux Insights employed

  • Out of Hours Lighting
  • Out of Hours HVAC
  • Conditioning inefficiencies

NSW Department of Transport

22 Giffnock Avenue, Macquarie Park, NSW

Giffnock Avenue is a seven storey facility within the Macquarie Park building complex. There are several tenants within the building, with the predominant stakeholder being the NSW's Department of Transport.

Working across these different stakeholders presents a challenge to the Cushman and Wakefield team in diagnosing issues, especially when they affect multiple tenants in different ways

Hux Insights employed

  • Conditioning inefficiencies
  • Ventiltion Assessments

City of Melbourne

218-240 Little Collins St, Melbourne

Council House 2 (CH2) is notable as it is Australia’s first building to be awarded a six star GreenStar rating.

In addition to a range of innovations around energy capture and use, there were a suite of measures designed to create a stable and comfortable internal environment.

The Facility Manager was seeking confirmation that the building was performing as well as expected. This was a review to confirm that The FM’s internal systems were providing accurate analysis, and the building was living up to it’s reputation.