The site

70 Norton St, Leichhardt

FM Firm:Cushman & Wakefield

FM Client:Westpac

The Leichhardt office is a small retail outlet for Westpac based on busy Norton Street. As a typical client-facing bank branch, the majority of the floorspace was an open plan area with two desks for consultations.

Connected to this area were two offices, a server/secure room and a general purpose room.

LightingOut-of-hours useSevere
HVACOut-of-hours useModerate
HVACEconomy cycle opportunitiesModerate

The problem

Westpac had a site that had elevated energy consumption patterns, but was having difficulty understanding what the next steps should be for opportunities for energy savings.

They had anecdotal eveidence of lights and services being operated Out-of-hours, but had difficulties quanifying the cost effectively

This is where Hux came in

Action plan

Hux indentified that it was equipment scheduling that could realise 74% of savings. In addition, Hux provides the perfect platform to monitor progress towards optimal usage.

Cost / Benefit

Hux identified benefits of $4,200 p.a. working out at $180/m2/year. Hux was able to identify energy intensity savings of approximately 11kWh/m2/year, allowing the client to meet performance targets.

How did Hux achieve this?

Hux provided a simple suite of 5 sensors that were distributed accross all key areas of the office, located to maps primary areas of human movement.

Throught our discreet sensors being in place for two weeks we were able to fully map trends in usage of the site, allowing for accurate projections of usage and savings opportunities.

Hux was installed during office hours, with clients onsite, demonstrating the minimal disruption of our system.

Diagnosis through data

Hux was able to clearly delineate the operation of lights and the impact of daylight to make a clear, data-driven understanding of the out-of-hours usage throughout the facility

Hux Insights used in this deployment

Out of hours lighting

On-demand reports of out-of-hours lighting

Through dynamic mapping of human movement and weather conditions, HUX can provide detailed and quantified assessments. Conventional approaches can be expensive or messy, but Hux gives you a clear picture whether it is lights being left on accidentally or the settings of a control system.

Out of
hours HVAC

On demand reports of out of hours heating and cooling.

Through dynamic mapping of human movement and weather conditions, Hux can provide detailed and quantiifed assessments. Conventional approaches can be expensive or laborious, but Hux gives you aclear picture of youropportunities whether it is from your central plant or portable devices.

Conditioning inefficiencies

Overheating / overcooling, economy cycle and dead band opportunities.

Through directly monitoring factors such as overheating (where active heating pushes temperatures above desired thresholds), overcooling, and excessive spatial temperature variation can be quantified, and opportunities such as economy cycle and natural ventilation are assessed

The outcome

Hux was able to show that keys savings could be achieved for the office

These outcomes are fully quantified with extensive supporting data. With this information the client was able to have objective conversations with managers and staff, taking the burden off them to provide a subjective argument on change.

Special Focus: Preconditioning

An important observation that Hux was able to make was unnecessary to perform the extensive preconditioning that was taking place on site.

Preconditioning for 2.5 hours every day was adding considerably to the energy bills, but through monitoring the performance difference between active and pasive periods Hux was able to show the same outcome could be achieved through preocondition for less than 10 minutes.