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Hux has spent the last three years forging the next generation of building management tools.

Working in collaboration with a huge range of industry actors, Hux continues to refine its core technology to enable facility management to provide the best possible service delivery to their customers, and to vastly expand the number of properties that can be cost-effectively managed.

We have a guiding principle of using cutting-edge technology to deliver understanding to customers, regardless of their technical expertise. Our solutions are supported by a technology platform that generates unprecedented amounts of data about a customer’s built environment, allowing insights that are uniquely detailed.

Hux has been hugely privileged to work with some of Australia’s leading building experts. It’s a field that excites us and we are proud of the contributions that we’ve been able to deliver so far, and look forward to taking our innovations even further.

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Meet the team

Rhys Sullivan


Rhys brings over 10 years of experience working with some of Australia's leading digital agencies. His background in user experience brings a focus on client engagement. Rhys' expertise stretches across a broad range of capabilities, including design, software development, and networking technologies.

Matthew Sullivan-Kilgour

Head of Analytics

Matt is a researcher with a background in autonomous systems and energy efficiency. He has worked for a range of consultancies and design firms in Australia and the US, and most recently as the Head of Research for the Moreland Energy Foundation. He brings expertise in building control systems, sensor design and thermal envelope optimisation to the team.

Scott Symes

R&D Engineer

Scott is a student at RMIT University studying towards his Bachelor of Software Engineering. He brings experience from automotive engineering product design and development coupled with a keen interest in electronics and microcontrollers. He is also interested in data analytics, machine learning and thermal models.

Kinvin Jin

Software Engineer

Kinvin is a highly motivated, professional software engineer with over 8 years of experience in software development. Following a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Beijing Institute of Technology, Kinvin worked with NTT DATA (CHINA) and Juniper Networks as a senior software engineer. He brings a wealth of knowledge in web management systems having worked with products such as J-Web, Slipstream and Security Director.

Jack Dunstan

Consulting Manager

Jack brings experience from the health industry and assistive technologies to keep the Hux team's internal systems on track. A full stack web developer with 10 years experience, he is engagement driven and keen to see Hux recognised as an industry innovator.

David Tambiah

Device Manager

David is currently working towards his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Monash University. With experience in robotics and sensor applications, he is driven in his pursuit of hardware optimisation, ensuring that Hux maintains their high standard of accuracy in real-world data acquisition.

Pooja Mehta

Sales and Accounts Manager

Pooja brings experience in sales and account management from wide range of industries. From a technical background, she has an ability to understand specifications for prospective clients and presents a concise solution. Pooja has worked in the technology sector for years, skills she now delivers in client engagement programs. She ensures stakeholders she deals with are given a satisfactory resolution and is always available to answer their queries.

Kristian Thompson

Hardware Testing and Development Manager

Kristian's broad interdisciplinary background provides the architecture for Hux's testing and development department. His curiosity and attention to detail allows Hux to efficiently transition discoveries to the R&D team.

Theron Vassiliou

Strategic Advisor

Theron is an accomplished growth professional and business leader with over 25 years commercial experience across a diverse cross-section of industries and business types.

David Carroll

Systems Advisor

David has formal qualifications in engineering, economics, and environmental science. He has a professional background in both software engineering and building physics, with knowledge covering full-stack app development, building envelopes, environmental systems, and energy modelling. He provides Hux with advice and support for server systems and technical direction.

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