HuxConnect is the service that provides the insights building managers need to manage and solve problems

Hux deploys networked environmental sensors in spaces within a building, for a fixed period of time, the real time data is available in a web browser by facility managers for immediate action and resolution.

Over several years Hux have developed their own low-cost sensors which measure a suite of environmental variables that relate to human comfort.

These sensors, called Motes, connect to the internet cloud based services via one of our Gateway units.

The wealth of information collected through the Motes is processed in real time and made available in a easy-to-understand format for clients to improve building efficiency and counteract resolve costly complaints before they happen.

Deployment subscriptions to HuxConnect service can run a few weeks and provide the insights and knowledge to improve inefficiencies for years to come.

The Web Portal: The Window to Your Environment

The Hux web portal is the keystone of HuxConnect.

All information collected by the hardware is processed for display and downloads as reports through the portal.

Clients are able to observe in real time what is happening in their building, at the workspaces where complaints may be generated.

This level of detail equips Facility Managers to isolate issues within a space, or automatically diagnose problem areas for resolution.

Even for a deployment that may run as briefly as two weeks, clients may download and review data in the portal for 12 months after sensors are removed.

It is HUX Co-Founder Rhys Sullivan’s background in software design and User experience that simplifies the that will change the way facility managers run their buildings. From developing non-conventional technologies such as X-Box Kinect sensors into interactive systems, Rhys has directed the web portal project to put the user in control of the environment.

the Hux Web Portal(actual screenshots)

The Hux Web Portal puts Facility Managers in the driver's seat.

For a complete explanation of the portal, download our walkthrough document here.

The HuxConnect System

A complete environmental monitoring package


Sensor Hardware

Motes & gateways

Hux uses custom hardware to measure a suite of indoor environmental metrics. Our system effortlessly self-configures, and runs completely independent of the buildingś IT infrastructure.



Data storage & analytics

Our servers are built on the industry-leading Amazon Web Services cloud technology, allowing us to provide unparalleled data-security. Endlessly extensible server resources means that no job is too big, and no data ever lost.


Portal Website

Your window to solutions

The HuxConnect portal is a true innovation in the building management field, with real-time data, automated report generation, and sophisticated analytics gives you insights youve never had before.

Get Outcomes

It’s the delivery of an easy to understand interface that is where HuxConnect comes into its own.

A deployment of hardware, and access to the web portal is all our clients need to diagnose and improve the efficiency of their environments.

Adjustments to building’s infrastructure are often made during Hux service delivery for A-B testing and immediate problem resolution

Westpac Group

Through deploying indoor environment sensors, Hux was able to identify almost 5000 in annual savings through energy efficiency opps, for a small westpac branch in Sydney.

Through identifying poor light management and over conditioning the facility managers were able to make immediate changes to their operations.


Department of Transport NSW

A facility had unresolved comfort issues - a recent refurbishment introduced some systemic issues with building control. The facility managers were unable to isolate any problems with in house monitoring and were keen to avoid an expensive and traditional investigation.

Hux engagement revealed that some areas that were subject to overheating, but while Carbon Dioxide levels and ventilation was normal, Hux discovered the facility was unable to cool sufficiently. This prompted further investigation by the facility management for resolution.


City of Melbourne

Melbourne Town Hall is a 150 year old building with problems. Hux’s key findings showed big imbalances in temperature across the building. High levels of discomfort was observed by staff due to rapidly changing temperatures.

By aggregating all analyses we able to bring sense to a complex site for better ongoing management.

Issues IdentifiedOpportunities from Hux Assessment
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • occupant comfort
  • Better targeting to thermal comfort policies
Hot spots/cool spots
  • Identifying issue areas, in particular ones that change over time
Thermal envelope issues
  • Identifying impact of poor glazing, shading and insulation
  • Opportunity for improved HVAC distribution or delivery
Inappropriate scheduling
  • Eliminate HVAC being left on out of hours
  • Reducing conditioning of unoccupied spaces
Excessive light levels
  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Activity-specific lighting
  • Reduce occupant discomfort
Inadequate light levels
  • Reduce eye strain
Daylighting levels
  • Opportunity to reduce artificial lighting
  • Opportunity for daylight sensing
  • Improved occupant amenity
Inappropriate scheduling
  • Eliminate lighting left on out of hours
  • Identify lighting of unoccupied spaces
Breezes and draughts
  • Identifying particularly hard to track down problems
Poor ventilation levels
  • Improve staff comfort through improving air freshness
  • Opportunities for occupant-controlled ventilation
Excessive ventilation levels
  • Identifying opportunities for reducing energy consumption, without impacting staff amenity

Get on board

Hux’s product is designed to be a low cost and scalable tool.

Simple to tailor and deploy. For each outcome, you only pay for the information and solutions you need.

Energy Efficiency
  • Temperature
  • Radiant heat
  • Humidity
  • Human Movement
  • Temperature
  • Interior light
  • Daylight
  • Humidity
  • Radiant heat
  • CO₂
Human Comfort
  • CO₂
  • Humidity
  • Interior light
  • Temperature

Complete metrics analysis packages are an excellent tool to gain understanding during building retrofits and during facility management reviews. Read about Hux Insights